The plant rule

A fold-up mini-lexicon – that’s the STABILA plant rule. This gardening handbook provides all the information you need to look after your plants, in a compact, fold-out format – from trees and shrubs that provide shade and punctuate the appearance of your garden, to vegetables and salads that provide variety in your diet each summer.

Der Pflanzmeter für Blumen & Stauden

The plant rule for flowers and shrubs

Everything you need to know about flowers and shrubs can be found on this rule: height, concise information, location advice, blossom colours, and duration of blossom.

Der Pflanzmeter für Bäume & Sträucher

The plant rule for trees and shrubs

This rule provides you with all the information you need to take care of your trees and shrubs: desired height, location advice, descriptions, and flowering and pruning times.

Der Pflanzmeter für Gemüse & Salate

The plant rule for vegetables and salads

Vegetables and salads are not only delicious – they are also good for you! Growing them is made even easier with this rule, which quickly answers your questions about sowing and planting times, and row and plant spacings.

Der Pflanzmeter für Beeren & Steinobst

The plant rule for berries and stone fruits

When is the best time for planting strawberries? Look it up on your rule – you’ll find everything you need on the subject of berries and stone fruits there: the planting time, concise information, location advice, fertilisers, cuttings, row spacings, and plant spacings.