Creative ideas

Seeing a measuring tool with new eyes: The best gifts are the ones that renew your pleasure every day. STABILA measuring tools are therefore an ideal present for anybody. We can confidently say that all of our measuring tools have a high level of practical usefulness that lasts for years, or even decades.

Die Kindermesslatte „Happy Family“

The ‘Happy Family’ children’s growth rule

Children love to hear people say “My goodness, how you’ve grown!” They also love to measure their increase in height. The STABILA children’s growth rule can be folded up so you can easily take it with you if you move home.

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Der Pflanzmeter

The plant rule

A fold-up mini-lexicon – that’s the STABILA plant rule. This gardening handbook provides all the information you need to look after your plants, in a compact, fold-out format.

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Die Platzkarte

The place card

Many people keep their ruler to hand at home at all times and use it frequently. It therefore makes an ideal advertising medium – particularly if it evokes fond memories of a special event.

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