Printing processes The following printing processes are available for this product Doming 3D adhesive label digitally printed Colour gradients and complex multi colour designs can be implemented free of distortion and with accurate detail using this method Further information on the printing process can be found here Print areas Doming 3D adhesive label Measurement length Print area A Download print areas 3 m ø 35 mm 5 m ø 41 mm Key features Double sided scale for optimum readability Powerful automatic retraction mechanism dynamic tape retraction Special blade return brake brings the blade to a cushioned stop the hook moves into its parking position in a controlled manner Additional strengthening of the start of the blade with a metal plate Effective brake for stopping and locking the blade Product colours Grey black Lengths 3 m 5 m CE conformity Yes Accuracy class II Material housing Plastic Material steel tape Polyamide coated Automatic tape retraction Yes Spike hook Yes Tape brake Yes Scaling cm Steel tape colour White Minimum quantity for advertisement printing 100 items BM 40 Pocket tape for professional tradespeople with generous advertising surface Scaling on both sides of tape Securing eyelet in hook Pocket tape A Length 3 m Length 5 m 68 69

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