Casing STABILA tape measures have a shatterproof casing of ABS or high quality PC ABS plastic protecting the tape against hard impacts The pocket tapes have an ergonomically shaped casing for optimum ease of use This makes the tape measure sit comfortably in the hand Tape properties Important factors for pocket tape measures steel tapes have a concave profile to ensure stability when extended Hard wearing coating to protect the scale against wear caused by dirt particles Accuracy STABILA tape measures are manufactured to the highest quality standards They comply with the European MID carry the CE label and metrology marking and have an EC Type Examination Certificate The scale has large numbers with red ten multiples for quick orientation when reading off the measurement Extra features add value to the use of the tape such as a buffer on the tape inlet a tape brake and a belt clip 1 Buffer on tape inlet 2 Belt clip BM 290 with high quality EASY CLIP 3 Tape brake Useful additional features 2 1 3 58 59

Vorschau STABILA Werbemittelkatalog – EN (2022) Seite 58
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