Temperature stable STABILA spirit levels are extremely temperature resistant STABILA spirit levels can be used without problems within a temperature range of 20 C to 50 C Other makes of spirit level including those from the Far East do not feature the STABILA vial block retainer system and lose their precision at lower temperatures Profiles Durable distor tion free aluminium profile this is the extension of the vial for measurement purposes It must therefore be made of durable distor tion free material The electrostatic powder coating of the aluminium profiles makes their sur faces par ticularly hard wearing and easy to maintain Dir t is thus easy to remove Light aluminium profile for easy handling Warranty declaration for spirit levels In addition to the statutor y rights which can be exercised at no cost STABILA Messgeräte Gustav Ullrich GmbH Landauer Str 45 76855 Annweiler Germany provides a voluntar y 10 year manufacturer s warranty for spirit levels which begins on the date on the proof of purchase and applies worldwide A warranty claim can be made if a product develops a fault due to material or manufacturing defects Claims cannot be made for defects resulting from accident excessive stress incorrect handling modifications by unauthorised persons natural wear and tear or minor deviations that are not significant for usage purposes A claim can be made by sending the complete product together with the proof of purchase to STABILA or handing them over to a STABILA Ser vice Point within the warranty period warranty registration is available at www stabila com Ser vices provided under warranty repair or replacement as decided by STABILA do not have the effect of extending the warranty period or star ting a new warranty period The warranty does not cover any other claims for damages Replaced par ts become the proper ty of STABILA The warranty declaration is valid for the following models in this catalogue Type 70 Type 70 MAS Type 70 Electric Type 70 T and Type 80 M Installation YEAR GUARANTEE 50 51Spirit levels Quality and product features

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