UV protection The fluorescent vial liquid is particularly resistant to UV rays Therefore the colour of the vials is very stable The colour contrast allows for good readability in all types of light Anti static factor STABILA vials prevent the movement of the vial being influenced by static loading or mechanical influences STABILA vials The vial block is made of high quality shatter proof and easy to clean acrylic glass The exterior surfaces must be as flat as possible to prevent light refracting when reading the vial The interior walls of the vial are precision ground and the corrosion free reference rings are flush with the surface this allows the vial bubble to move freely and unhindered ensuring maximum measuring precision Vial Vial block holder Profile Synthetic resin STABILA installation technology The unique installation technology ensures long term accuracy In a special casting process the components of the spirit level are firmly bonded forever You can trust that your spirit level will maintain its accuracy for life It remains as accurate as it was on the first day No readjusting no doubt Always accurate measurements even under the most difficult construction site conditions 50 51

Vorschau STABILA Werbemittelkatalog – EN (2022) Seite 50
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