Key features High quality telescopic system for flexibly extending the measuring surface Marking and cutting edge along entire length Printed metric scale to work out internal dimensions and clearances LOCK system to fix the set length Built in anti slip stopper ensures firm grip when marking Plastic end caps protect the profile STABILA installation technology for long term accuracy Product colours Yellow Lengths 63 cm can be extended up to 105 cm Measurement accuracy in normal position 0 029 0 5 mm m 0 057 1 0 mm m extended Measurement accuracy in reverse position 0 043 0 75 mm m 0 057 1 0 mm m extended Material Light alloy spirit level Special features Telescopic system LOCK system and printed metric scale end caps with anti slip stopper Warranty 10 years Minimum quantity for advertisement printing 200 items Further information on the warranty conditions can be found here Use and applications For carpentry the extendable spirit level covers most standard dimensions of kitchen cupboards For fitting windows and doors work out internal dimensions and align window and door frames For plumbing installations install shower trays and baths in a variety of sizes For bricklaying and reinforced concrete construction measure window or door lintels and check bearing surfaces Type 80 T Always the right length for the job Spirit level 48 49

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