Our 4 printing methods The optimal result on every product and for every design Pad printing In pad printing your design is printed in exactly your choice of colours full colours HKS PMS RAL By using a variety of machines we are in a position to realise images superbly on a wide range of products from 1 colour to 6 colour register printing everything is possible This process is ideal for texts and logos without colour gradients Thermal transfer printing Transfer printing is ideally suited for complex advertising printing with colour gradients and images on rules with external jointing plates No registry problems occur Your design is transferred via a film onto the product using heat thus giving you ideal advertising reach This process does not incur any print tool costs Digital printing Digital printing is an unbeatable alternative for smaller batch sizes or for personalised rules Since we print by the European scale we can realise images colour gradients and complex multi colour designs distortion free and accurately without registration problems This process does not incur any print tool costs Silk screen printing Silk screen printing is best suited for smooth and homogeneous surfaces e g on spirit levels The advantage of this technique is that we can print your logo distortion free and exactly in accordance with your colour specifications full tone colours HKS PMS RAL and thus bring your advertising print to maximum effect DTP print data generation Preparation and quality inspection of print blocks Blocks in use with pad printing process Best results thanks to our pre print process 30 31Printing processes

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