The best gifts are the ones that renew your pleasure every day STABILA measuring tools are therefore an ideal present for anybody After all a practical and well designed tool makes work more fun and goes on doing so day after day Our measuring tools also provide plenty of opportunities for creativity For example our rules allow individual printing not only on the edges but also on the scaled side So the familiar idea of a rule can be turned into a unique gift a height chart to measure children s growth for example a plant growth rule or even a place card for a special occasion Whether you intend to give to a skilled tradesperson a business acquaintance or a freind Or whether you give a pocket tape or a spirit level rest assured that your creativity need know no limit For example a brewery could print a rule showing a timeline of the history of brewing on one side and an ordinary measurement scale on the other We can confidently say that all of our measuring tools have a high level of practical usefulness that lasts for years or even decades And your advertising message continues to be active for as long as your customers keep using their items CONTENTS Seeing a measuring tool in a new light 3 A wealth of ideas The children s height rule 4 The plant rule 6 The place card 8 Folding rules 10 Overview of wooden folding rules 12 Series 600 14 Series 600 N S 16 Series 400 18 Series 700 20 Overview of plastic folding rules 22 Series 1100 24 Quality and special features 26 Printing processes 30 Spirit levels 32 Overview of series 70 spirit levels 34 Type 70 36 Type 70 electric 38 Type 70 MAS 40 Type 70 T 42 Overview of series 80 series 81 spirit levels 44 Type 80 M Installation 46 Type 80 T 48 Type 80 AS engraved 50 Type 81 S 52 Overview of mini format spirit levels Pocket Series 54 Pocket Basic 56 Pocket Magnetic 57 Pocket Electric 58 Pocket PRO Magnetic 59 Quality and special features 60 Pocket tapes 62 Overview of pocket tapes 64 BM 20 66 BM 30 67 BM 40 68 Quality and special features 70 Carpenter s pencils 72 Key fobs 73 Gift packaging 73 Seeing a measuring tool with new eyes 2 3

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