Joint types Series 600 Galvanised corrosion protected jointing plates in high strength sheet steel with inlaid hardened steel spring and concealed rivet Scaling in cm All series Scaling in cm inch Series 600 white from stock Angle scale offering measurements from 15 to 150 for construction use Series 600 and 400 white from stock Scale to read off diameter in cm and inches Series 400 on request Rhombus marks standard dimensions in drywall construction Series 400 from stock Tiling increments standard dimensions for tiling Series 700 on request Series 400 Internal jointing plates of hardened spring steel Series 700 Jointing plates in reinforced plastic Plastic parts in rule colour Series 1100 Durable embedded joints with steel springs 90 spring increments Joints STABILA predominantly uses joints made from high strength spring steel which ensures exact locking and a durable spring action Catches and end cams provide a strong hold and ensure accuracy The special construction makes the joints smooth and durable Some models use joints reinforced with fibreglass with high durability Scaling options STABILA offers a variety of scales for folding rules Customised scales are also available on request 28 29Rules Quality and product features

Vorschau STABILA Werbemittelkatalog – EN (2022) Seite 29
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