You can recognise a quality folding rule from the printing on the initial slat The following important information should be noted 1 Nominal length 2 Accuracy class of the rule stated in Roman numerals 3 The name of the manufacturer i e the brand which confirms the place of manufacture and the construction 4 CE conformity indicator 5 Measuring scale A double millimetre scale on the upper and lower edge increases the practical value of the folding rule Printing of sections Accuracy class Rules meet the requirements of accuracy class III Nominal length The rule can be unfolded to a length of 2 m Brand STABILA guarantees quality Measuring scale Clear printed impression with clear distinction between tens and units CE conformity indicator Contains information on CE conformity the time of manufacture and the examining body 28 29

Vorschau STABILA Werbemittelkatalog – EN (2022) Seite 28
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