The source material for our plastic folding rules is a fibreglass reinforced ABS This material offers high strength The deeply imprinted scale provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance Rules in hard wearing plastic With plastic folding rules we achieve high levels of stability using plastic with processed fibreglass reinforcement Controlled quality High quality beechwood gives the rule the rod function desired by many tradespeople when it is fully unfolded By the time the raw wood material reaches final processing it has passed through up to 3 quality control stages Overprinting and clear protective varnish The coating for wooden folding rules must be able to withstand all conditions Protection against moisture sunlight and mechanical abrasion is required This is the only way to ensure that the scale is easy to read We use only water soluble UV varnishes in order to achieve maximum abrasion resistance The environmentally friendly varnish made to our own formula offers outstanding weather and abrasion resistance 26 27Rules Quality and product features

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