Print examples 1 2 Print areas 1 Sample of an advertisement in text form applied by pad printing using HKS PMS or RAL 2 Sample of a full surface advertisement with image applied by digital printing CMYK Standard print area Measuring length Print area L x H Download print areas 2 m IT 165 x 6 5 mm IC 157 x 4 5 mm SS 142 x 30 mm Whole area printing Measuring length Print area L x H Download print areas 2 m SS 142 x 34 mm Printing processes The following printing processes are available for this product Pad printing Ideal for text and logos in 1c or 2c printing using PMS HKS or RAL without colour gradients Digital printing Perfect for complex printed designs with colour gradients and images on rules with jointing plates Further information on the printing processes can be found here IT initial slat top half IC initial slat print at centre SS side surface Standard print area End sections are not printed IT IC SS DE 17 M 22 DE 17 M 22 Whole area printing End sections are printed SS 16 17Wooden folding rules Back to product overview

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